Trying alternatives and failing

We have recently experienced one of life’s detours and after six weeks of that detouring we have managed find our way back to our intended path.

Six weeks can throw the other plans off-track so we have been in catch-up mode for the last week. Getting the spring maintenance around the home completed, trying to achieve some level of ‘bike fitness’ and, for me, trying to get my mobile tech sorted in readiness for those ‘expeditions’.

The fences needed a major tidy up

We won’t have room for laptops so It is time to start writing the blog posts on my phone. This is test number one but most of you will probably not notice any difference as my posts are usually riddled with typos.

I also decided to dust off the GoPro in order to catch those ‘onya’ bike moments that you usually miss because the camera is safely stowed in a safe place.

The handlebar is getting a little ‘busy’

I learned that all of my GoPro software and apps were out of date and some time had to be spent sorting all that.

With camera mounted on the bike I undertook one of my rides around the local environs. Taking pictures while cycling made me appreciate that it actually isn’t a bad ride. A little undulating but very easy on the eye, no doubt helped by the warm sunshine.

Be assured that the top speed was achieved going downhill
The digital profile makes the hills look far scarier than they are

Transferring the images to my phone via the GoPro wifi, once I got it updated, was a bit painful and I am still not convinced with the results. However, I shall persevere.

Writing the blog post on my phone? It is challenging, the fingers seem sooo big. The preview of the post revealed many formatting issues, especially the way it treats captions. Worse still, I even posted it without a title – not very impressed.

Post script: I will use WordPress in the mobile browser.
Ruth decided to get some bike time as well, our paths crossed so it was an opportunity to snap a shot

The ride is mainly semi rural with the odd glimpse of the bay

I did manage to snap this passing Morris 1000 Convertable but the light was terrible.


  1. Super, Cliff, thanks for sharing! Obviously you are pretty well equipped already, and now even well practiced…. We’ll be looking forward to your travel reports 🙂

    I, on the other hand, just wrote to Lindsay that I won’t be able to make it on the Wellington trip – just too much going on here until Xmas: change of several tenants, following renovations, two septic tank problems, expansion of our solar system (further panels + batteries), gardening, Green Saturday, Vision KK, Far North Organics, GE-free Northland hearings and (of course) the launch of CNKK. And I am also still totally un-practised!

    Cheers Rolf


  2. Great info and impressive technical stuff at the handle bar 🙂 But where did you fail?? (re: headline) Inge


  3. your posts and photos are truly enjoyable! It is wonderful to share your successes as well as challenges, inspiring and consoling to all of us readers at the same time.
    Looking forward to following more of your pedallings….


  4. Good for you – tackling a lot of physical challenges as well as technology updates. Most people throw their hands in the air and don’t even bother. It looks like everything works – more or less – and it all should improve with practise.


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