Cycling out of the city

Yesterday I dragged Ruth along the harbour side ride to St Heliers to show her the fabulous cycle paths I had discovered last week. She enjoyed the ride a being a business day it was missing the weekend crowds that I have encountered. Far more pleasant.

Today I decided to explore the North West Cycleway. We rode it five years ago when training for our ride through Germany and France. Wow, the city is really getting serious about it’s cycling infrastructure. Five years ago it was a wilderness trail. Now it is a a brilliant path.

This was a terrible stretch of gravel that often became impassable during some high tides
It is not just a commuter trail, there are interesting information boards along the route.

Getting colourful. It appeared to be work in progress
Just to prove that I only use the battery on the hills. Have managed 87km using 60% of my available battery charge.
The F19 cools its tyres at a lay by overlooking a marine reserve that I did not know existed in the harbour

The only drawback is the nearby motorway. It was a 31km return ride with about 16 of those alongside the road.
Some pleasant seating if you really want to relax amongst the hum of the nearby traffic

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