Messing around with the camera

We tend to have either a daily walk or cycle around the local area with the objective being exercise. The other day I decided to take the camera along one of the routes and take my time. The walk is through the track that I often work on (although events have conspired against the ‘usual’ aspect this year).  I was impressed with what is, literally speaking, in our back yard.

A quiet section of the stream provided reflections of the surrounding bush
The tree ferns were sending out many fronds
Slowing the shutter speed allowed me to capture the impression of flowing water – I did not have a tripod so I was hoping that the natural shake that comes with ageing would not spoil the shot
Upon closer inspection, the moss on the river rocks came in varying shades and types
Another quiet section of the stream
While the entire waterfall is quite impressive, I tried just focussing on sections of it. It kind of made it a little more interesting.
Another section of the Te Wairere waterfall
The base of the falls are surrounded by vibrant native bush
A faster shutter speed captured the water tumbling over the top of the waterfall.
Not part of our daily walk but a slight detour north of town. The shot required a little brushing off of the shells after it was taken.



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