Keeping our fingers crossed in Taranaki

We managed to get the Zoe the 611km from Kerikeri to New Plymouth without any battery charging crisis. My fears of being “ICED” (internal combustion vehicles parked on a EV charging space) proved to be unfounded (thank you all) and all our planned charging locations were available upon arrival.

We were not sure the artist had quite captured rugby great Colin Meads likeness, in Te Kuiti. We enjoyed a coffee at the old railway station while Zoe got charged up.

We got to spend a little time wandering around a heartland town that we would normally blaze through and arrived in our destination a little more relaxed than usual.

Zoe was laden with our two bikes and a little gear but we did not notice any significant performance issues.

So far so good.

Blue sky and warm temperatures greeted us in New Plymouth. BUT – you can see the mountain which generally means that it is going to rain.
Spotted on the wall of the Federal Bakery – Joe & Beth, your old rego?
A coffee & doughnut at the Federal Bakery and a catch up with nephew Jeremy. Nice spot and a must for any visitor to New Plymouth. It is just off the coastal path, pick up a picnic lunch to enjoy along the ride.

We had a light warm-up on the bikes today and have got the gear ready to load onto the F19s in the morning.

Unusually, for us, the long range forecast is looking promising but we won’t get to carried away on the strength of a weather forecast. 24hours is a looong time on the West Coast.

I have left the laptop at home in the hope of not tempting fate. Maybe I will remain seated during the entire ride this time.

The coastal path was pleasantly quiet.
The city gets a ‘top mark’ for it’s cycling infrastructure, a rarity in NZ. Well done New Plymouth.
Pukekura Park was looking good.
Plenty of seating along the coastal path – I discovered that my handle bar mounted drink bottle was leaking after a minor incident – my F19 hit the deck – no I was not on it.

Tune in for updates on our ride around Mount Taranaki.

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