Some great additions to the coffee table

We spent a lot of time on the Hauraki Gulf during the eight years that we owned Agnes our Logan33 launch. Being a keen photographer I have countless images of the many beautiful and interesting places that we visited. From Great Barrier Island on the north-easterly margin of The Gulf to Tiritiri Matangi Island just a short hop from our marina berth.

Unfortunately, many of blog posts that I wrote about our Gulf experiences were lost when I mangled a WordPress transition. We tend to write the blog as much as a diary for our own reminiscing but are happy to share our experiences with others. However, having lost those stories I have struggled to go back and replace them. They would be a little out of context with what we are doing today.

This 240 page hardcover book has some stunning images of The Gulf

Jane King has come to our rescue with her first book ‘The Hauraki Gulf – An iconic kiwi playground’. It has a story on each of the many Islands that make The Gulf such a special place plus, stories about some of the people who; seek leisure, undertake preservation, provide services or live on, the islands. Jane’s book is proudly sitting on our coffee table and adds the missing narrative (plus some great pictures) to our own records of our adventures around The Gulf.

We probably should disclose that we know Jane. Cliff worked with Jane for several years in online publishing and we have remained friends since. In fact Jane received some first hand tuition in the art of getting lost when she joined us for our first day of our 10 day walk of The Cotswold Way in England back in 2015.

25 stories on Kiwi cyclists from Olympians to bike builders to …

Not only has Jane published her first book but also her second which is also on a subject that is close to (well Cliff’s at least) our hearts, cycling. ‘The Kiwi Cyclist’s Guide to Life”  is a collection of stories about the lives and adventures of a range of Kiwi cyclists. There is even a chapter on Cliff and Ruth although reading the stories about the other company we are keeping (in the book), we do seem a little like ‘fish out of water’. However, we are proud that Jane included us and it is another book that is now adorning our coffee table. I pointed out to Ruth that we now have a reputation to maintain and need to ‘up our game’ with some more daring future expeditions. I have mentioned the words ‘electric bike’ to try and get her more interested. Maybe that is a story for another post in the future.



    1. I am looking forward to reading your posts on your home country. We hope to make it to Portugal next year to ride the Euro Velo 2 along your Atlantic Coast. If you do make it back to NZ be sure to contact us. Cheers Cliff & Ruth

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      1. Will do! My next trip back to NZ will surely include some cycling (I remember reading a few months back a fascinating story about a cyclist that crossed the country from north to south in the thick of winter).

        Please let me know if you have any questions about cycling in Portugal, happy to help.

        – Verne


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