Out of the boat and back on land

Wet weekends are great for catching up with blogs posts which I should have got around to completing some time ago.

After eight years of putt-putting around parts of the coast of Northern New Zealand in our 10.5m launch “Agnes”, we made the decision earlier this year to become land lubbers again. Agnes was put on the market in May and sold much quicker than we had anticipated.

Was boat ownership worth the financial cost?  Most certainly if you view it as an adventure rather than an investment which, at the time of purchase was our intention. I have heard many bemoan boat ownership as a hole into which you pour endless amounts of cash. We purchased Agnes new, it ran on the proverbial “smell of an oily rag” and we had adventures we never dreamed of and the odd (thankfully) experience you hoped were only nightmares.

Sure it sold for a lot less that it cost but we spent a lot of time on board visiting places others only dream of. Let’s face it travel does not generally happen free of charge.

We have purchased the tent ready for our next set of land based adventures.

The gallery below are just some of the memories we have of our time with Agnes.


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