Berlin 1975

What was that place? – The Trip Diary

Now what was the name of that quaint town we visited while biking the Moselle river?

I don’t know about you but as I have got older my memory storage has become extremely tight and I seem to trash much of what happens on a daily basis retaining only what is important for the day to day survival.

Sure a blog is a great, keeps the folks back home informed while you are away (saves endless phone calls and emails) and also serves as a travel log, provided you post regularly. Our friends at simpletravelourway are the experts at posting regularly while, it won’t take a reader long to realise that this blogger is not diligent enough.

Berlin 1975
A brief but helpful entry from our stay in Berlin in 1975

Last year I dug out my old diary from my 1975 trip l and enjoyed reading it. All those places and events (usually our car breaking down) which I had forgotten about. A regret is that I never kept it up when I returned home but that type of activity is not always top of the priority list when you get home from a long day at work.

Before we headed off on our 2013 cycling adventure I scanned through the App Store for diary apps. Most were more suited to the Bridget Jones type of diary keeping but I did find one; “Day One”, which I used every day while away and, on many days since my return.

Day One App entry
The entry is just as brief but this time with a picture and a map pin (unseen in screen shot).

The secret to getting my buy-in? I could easily add images and locations which meant that I had the best of all worlds. It has other cool features such as the ability to export PDF to Books or Kindle, I have not quite got around to that other than a brief experiment to make sure that I could get it to work.



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