Spring walking – Mahineapua Peninsula

Today dawned a perfect spring day so we decided to venture a little further afield for our daily exercise. A walk along the Mahineapua Peninsula. It is a track that we have walked before but not for at least four years. We had forgotten what a special walk this can be, especially on a clear and bright spring morning.

It is a short wak – around 5.3km return but it is also not a flat walk. Spring, autumn or early morning are probably the best times to walk.
A section of steps – the elevation does of course mean that you get some spectacular views.
Itt is a Peninsula so there are sea views on both sides
It is best to stay on the track – the landing zone should you fall is probably pretty unforgiving.
This is typical Northland coastline
ruth surveys the distant Motuekaiti Island
The Manuka was in full bloom and full of bees
Bees everywhere
The flax was also in bloom – a bee bonus
The spiders had built homes with a view
The distant Cavalli Islands reminded us of happy times on Agnes

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