Canterbury Tales

After eight dry, yes dry, days in Canterbury we are on the move again, slowly making our way to the furthermost point we will reach in our journey south. With 2,700km on the clock there is not too much further south we can drive.

Time to experiment – the colours were not intense so maybe time to try monochrome? New Brighton Pier

We spent the last three days ‘off-grid’, no power and no internet and of course no flush toilet, sink or oven. It was an interesting experience, similar to our start point near Cape Reinga back in early December, but at least this time we had a few home comforts, not many, but a few, like a comfortable bed.

Our ‘off-grid’ cabin on Banks Peninsula

Our stay in Canterbury was very pleasant and different. I did not inflict any further life threatening adventures on Ruth after the ‘Ruth’s Ridge’ episode. We did complete 50km of biking over the last two days but based on her past experiences that was pretty much a breeze, would have been more so if the breeze had not been quite so strong.

Anyway, I will leave the pictures to tell the story of the rest of our Canterbury tales.

The light was driving me mad so I switched to monochrome – Hagley Park was a change  of pace from the Port Hills – a pleasant 8km stroll in the park in the city.
Ruth smelling the roses
How English – punting down the Avon
The geese were oblivious to the French connection in Akaroa – the shopkeepers milked it for all it was worth.
There were plenty of cute houses to photograph in Akaroa
Art in the park – Akaroa
The Christchurch based family of Ashleigh, James, Caelin and Savannah joined us for the first day on The Little River Rail Trail – here passing by Lake Forsythe
Caelin resting up at Birdlings Flat before battling the head wind home – He managed 18km before the wind got the better of him. The stony beach included plenty of semi precious ones if you were bothered to look.
A local rolled up in his wagon and gave Ruth some of the finished product. Tumbling them for 3 weeks brings out the shine.
A mix of colours at birdlings flat
Very occasionally you are privileged to have your camera ready and actually manage to capture something special. Taken while ‘whittling and pipe smoking’ on the back deck of our cottage in Little River.
On our last day of riding Lake Ellesmere was teeming with bird life – here spoonbills and swans show us humans how to get on with others.
The rail operates no more but we were happy to spend a little time on the ‘platform’ at Motukarara Station after battling a hot nor’wester on our ride out. Ruth was convinced that the 1pm express to Little River would be passing through soon.



    1. Everything was right for that photo; place,time, light, camera settings and focus, a rarity for me. We were having good weather but it has gone AWOL again. Hope it returns soon as we are back in winter clothes

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