Between rides

I have finally managed to ‘wade’ through the volumes of video clips and photos from my ride through Aotearoa and compress these into something watchable. It is for the real enthusiast who has nothing else to do on a cold and rainy winter day. The real driver is to add it to my own collection of videos so that I can relive these moments when the legs have finally given up.

So here you go for those that are interested.

I have also been busy putting some of our habitat restoration work into a video format. Even I was surprised by the transformation of the Wairoa Stream here in Kerikeri. If it is a particularly wet afternoon or the “Pedalling Pensioner” is not really your cup of tea, here is a 15 minute clip that highlights what can be achieved with a little community effort.

I have been busy looking at summer rides and at this stage I am going to have a shot at the 1,400km ride from Queen Charlotte Sound to Milford Sound. Hard Core Howard (features in the Pedalling Pensioner) has thrown his helmet into the ring so we have modified the route and daily rides slightly to better suit his e-bike. Will update you more as we get close to departure date in November.

I have also acquired a new camera, one that can hopefully withstand the beating that I dish out. It is compact enough to carry on a long trip, has enough manual settings to meet my needs and as a bonus takes great macro shots – a practice shot below. It’s an Olympus TG (stands for Tough) 6. Will also update you at a later date on how that is progressing.


  1. Wow, what a great video of your tour of NZ. I watched the whole nearly 2 hours. Good thing to do on a grey, blustery Sunday afternoon in Wgtn. I loved the South Island half – recognised many of the trails we have done. Don’t we live in a stunningly beautiful country? We are so lucky. As for your North Island ride, the Timber Trail and the route to the Bridge to Nowhere were pretty hair-raising! Scary stuff. I don’t think they will ever be on our horizon. But I would like to do the Twin Coast in Northland some time in the next year. Good luck with your next summer’s ride from Queen Charlotte to Milford Sound. Epic!
    Cheers, Desiree

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    1. Hi Desiree – Well done getting through that. Yes we do live in an amazing country. Let us know when you are heading north – we can catch up and maybe ride part of the Twin Coast – unfortunately a good section between Opua and Kawakawa is now closed.

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    1. It will be a while before it is open again. Trail was temporarily built on a section of railway but trains are now running again. Council have mucked up their building of permanent trail and now has insufficient money to do the job.

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