Tour of the Far North – Day’s 1 & 2

Daylight savings ended on Saturday night so the dawn broke an hour earlier on Easter Sunday. I was a little apprehensive as I packed the bike but the day was perfect and once the bike was rolling and the kilometres started to clock over any doubts were gone.

Ready to roll

The 350m climb on the way to Okaihau got the perspiration flowing but being a steady rather than dramatic climb allowed the old engine to keep the bike moving at a bit more than a snails pace.

Getting a little altitude at Okaihau

After a coffee and rather sticky muffin In Okaihau I joined the Twin Coast Cycle trail for the ride to Horeke before heading up the valley to camp for the night at Wairer Boulders.

Picture perfect at Horeke.
A lonely looking tent at Wairere Boulders
My neighbour deals with his itch – I hoped that it didn’t take a fancy to the tent

After a cold night and with the tent thoroughly soaked from a heavy overnight dew it was a damp start to day 2. The road was very rough and I was pleased to be on a mountain bike. The hills just seemed bigger today but a shorter ride compensated for the brief spells of huffing and puffing.

Getting rough and remote around the Hokianga.

The camp here at Rawene is luxury compared to last night. I would have happily forgone pitching a tent but all the wet gear needed to be dried off.

Not a bad view as I head to the Camp on top of the hill – what a dumb place to stick a camp!

Biggest ride so far tomorrow – off to Ahipara at the bottom of 90mile beach.

The route day 1

The route day 2


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