The GoPro finally got some use – Cycling Route 52

The GoPro was a gift from my former colleagues when I left my job with NZME in mid-2015. It resulted from a rather well circulated video of me going over the handlebars during our riding in Provence in 2013.

The motive for the gift was sound but, having three chargeable camera devices (iPhone, FujiX30 and the GoPro, was all a bit much. While the GoPro was great for capturing those stay-on-the-bike moments, the hassles of managing photos on, and the charging of, three devices was all a bit much. The GoPro has been gathering dust.

During our recent ride from Rotorua to Wellington I mounted the camera on my handlebars and started to use it. Within a few days the Fuji had surrendered to the terrible life that I have given it and this finally gave the GoPro the moment it had been waiting for – more shooting time.

Transferring images from the GoPro to my iPhone using wifi connectivity proved very patchy (as it did with my X30). When you review the images on the phone you only see the preview for a random selection. As a result, it was not until I got home and connected the device to the laptop that I was able to have a good look at the resulting product.

The images are good quality but using a wide angle lens results in a game of “where’s Ruth). Because they are a larger file size you can crop the raw image which does help to create a more viewable final product. The video quality is also good and the device does compensate for the bumpy riding. Anyway, here is a sample of the results – mostly of Ruth pedaling her little heart out.

Ruth heads through some hot thermal activity on the first day – she managed to stay out of the mud pools.
Later that day the sealed trails started to deteriorate.
Day 2 and Ruth is heading through her childhood territory of Reparoa – south of Taupo
A short jaunt along the lake edge at Taupo – sans the luggage.
Amazing sky on the Hawkes Bay trails
The weather wasn’t so kind as we left Napier – here I was trying to capture the swells rolling onto the nearby seashore. – A little moisture on the lens.
Later that same day the showers were passing through as we made our way through the vineyards south of Havelock North.
Clear skies and warm temperatures as we headed south towards Porongahau.

A short video clip  – primarily as we headed towards Masterton

Heading along the Western shores of Lake Wairarapa
Passing through a scenic reserve on the Western Lake






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