Our digital adventure – Part 3

The newly acquired FujiFilm FX10 did not last the distance during our cycle and other travels in Europe in 2013. I had it repaired (under warranty) upon our return but was let down early in our 2015 travels when it packed a major sad one week into our 26 weeks of travel. Fortunately, Amsterdam was a good location to find a replacement and despite my misgivings about the FujiFilm lens controlled power on-off arrangement, I decided that the midst of our travels was not a good time to try and master a new camera. So the replacement was a Fujifilm X30 that had similar functionality to the FX10. I was impressed with the new camera but it had a tough journey during the rest of that trip managing to hang-in until our return when it went caput.

Repaired under warranty, it held on until April 2017 when major and expensive surgery was required, probably as a result of several knocks to the lens during falls (the writer) on our travels. Hopefully it will survive the rigours of more travel during late 2017 and early 2018.

This final round of photos are primarily pictures taken on the X30.

2014 – 2017

Click on any image to see full sized picture

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