The one thing you cannot plan – The weather

We have been enjoying a dry and warm summer since the end of winter.  You may think that is really great given that we are about to head out the door and spend the best part of summer and autumn traveling around our own country. The problem is, we have not been sharing it with the rest of the country which does not seem to have been able to shake off winter, apart from on the very occasional day.

On boxing day I rode from Kerikeri to Pahia via the Waitangi Forest – the filtered sunlight was welcome in the heat
by the time I had cycled up this more exposed section of the track I was requiring wipers on the inside of my sunglasses

With lots of weather dependent outdoor activities planned, the persistent bad weather being experienced in parts south is forcing a  rethink of our clothing mix. More winter and wet weather items are now finding their way into our travel kits, woolen hats, gloves, jumpers, long pants and thermals are joining the diminishing selection of normal summer wear.

There is a glimmer of hope in that the high pressure systems that usually move south during summer may follow us down country, we have our fingers crossed that will be the case.

Our 2015 travels through the British Isles delivered winter-like (well for us) weather for the full eight weeks that covered their peak summer months. We had one set of warmer clothing packed for the area we thought would be cooler (Scotland) but spend most of those eight weeks wearing that same set of  warmer clothes. Fortunately, we don’t have the same baggage issues when traveling locally and can better cover all weather scenarios.

Well I am off to ‘bank’ a little more sun just in case the worst case scenario eventuates.

We hope it won’t be like Galway although it did not seem to bother the locals
or as wet and cold as the Cotswolds – I am adding water proof jackets for my navigational gear just in case


  1. Ahh! Unpredictable weather is also following us. We’re in the desert now (Palm Springs, CA) and who thought we’d need our rain gear? Still, we’re not complaining (much). It’s warm enough and a few days inside to catch up on reading isn’t so bad. We hope the extra clothes you carry will not be needed after all.


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