Market Day

Saturday is market day and along with most of the other visitors on Rarotonga we decided to check out the morning Punanga Nui market in Avarua .

We were lucky enough to get our bus timetables right and did not have to wait long before the anti-clockwise (shortest route to the markets from Muri) bus trundled along. The day was calm and warm and the markets busy and colourful.

The pictures below hopefully paint the picture.

What a setting for a market
Ei (headwreath), Pareu (Sarongs) and other clothing – all very colourful
Ruth looks positively drab compared to the Pareus
One of the stall holders decked out in Pareu and Ei
Ruth had to have one of these fans – a centerpiece of black pearl shell with weaved coconut fibre
Ei’s on display
Lots of movement from the cultural group who were raising funds to be the first Pacific Islands cultural group to tour Russia. I hope they choose to go in summer.
There are more styles of ukulele than I had thought. I know my music talent is MIA so there was no inclination to purchase either ukulele or a drum although the latter could have been useful for waking Ruth in the morning.

A few snippets from Ruth’s video

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