Matauri Bay: A boys camp

When we returned from our big trip we offered to take two grandsons camping. One was not going to be able to make it but the other was a starter.

Weather permitting this was scheduled to take place last week. The weather co-operated but Ruth pulled out due to her new work commitments which coincided with the planned days at the beach. I did wonder why she was so insistent that we  go on those particular days.

Matauri Bay camp

So our adventure for four was now an adventure for two; one a rather foolish old lad and the other a very energetic eight year old.

The sun was barely above the horizon but we had already packed plenty of adventure into the day.

There was no planning like the big trip, we were only heading out for three nights so it was a case of tent, baked beans, sausages, the barbecue, cricket bat, frisbee, pétanque and Jenga (for the evenings). Ruth dropped us out at Matauri Bay camp and then headed off for the vehicle, we were there until she returned.

The weather was hot and sunny, the sea very inviting and the camp still quite full of families enjoying the last days of the school vacation. It looked like we had everything in alignment.

We had only just got the tent up when the sun went AWOL and a heavy shower of rain confined us to the tent. It hung around for long enough to get in about 6 games of Jenga before it was deemed dry enough to migrate outside again.

The younger lad was eager to be the chef. The barbeque was fired up, the sausages placed on and the young masterchef was left to hone his new found cooking skills. I popped around the other side of the tent to ensure that our wet swim wear was getting the last of the suns rays.

Feeling a little cheated after hit and run from the seagulls

The chef momentarily left his post to tell me something, he darted back to the barbecue and then ensued a commotion. On investigating, he was waving his tongs at an impressive flock of seagulls who had decided to help themselves to our sausages.

A quick count revealed that they had only managed to steal one. Hunger was just avoided.

The next two days saw endless cricket, swimming and for the old guy, exhaustion and sunburn. While a shirt was worn during the cricket encounters, it was left on the sand during swimming / surfing. My skills at self application of sunblock were found to be wanting, the younger lad was well covered and did not suffer the same fate.

 It was a tiring but very enjoyable few days and I am sure we will do it again but I will be applying a littler more planning next time, it will not occur while Ruth is at work.



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