Another Detour

Is travel worth the detour from life's main highway? Only one way to find out!
Is travel worth the detour from life’s main highway? Only one way to find out!

When we tell people that we have both resigned from our long standing jobs the usual question is; so you are retiring? Well no, what we are doing is giving up the daily routine of getting up at 5:30am, heading off to work in the dark and arriving home around 7pm (also in the dark in winter). We are making a transition from the “dark ages” phase of our life to one where we have a little more luxury to hopefully set the terms of our future engagement. Call it another detour off the main highway that life will lead us along (if we always let it). As with any detour, the road is not as well travelled but often you discover places and things that the main highway by passes. Let’s hope so.

At present  “work” still figures in our future but the what, how much and how often is going to be a work in progress for a while. First up we are taking six months out to do a little more travel which will allow us to make the total break from the current routine. That will hopefully give us the clear heads to put a little more perspective and focus on the future when we get back or, maybe even before that. We will just have to see how it rolls.

Are we making the right decision? If we believe the voices of the “retirement industry”, definitely not. I would need to work for at least another five years  in order to guarantee a lifestyle that I don’t even enjoy now.

To counter that view, if I made it through those five years, I may not be capable of still enjoying the soft but active style of adventure that we enjoy.  The “devil” on my left shoulder gets my vote this time, the other guy has had that vote for the preceeding too many years, time to be a little reckless again, even makes you feel younger when you decide that.  Of course, it take twos and Ruth, despite misgivings on my previous real life navigational skills, has that same devil visiting her left shoulder. That makes the decisions so much easier.

We are now putting the finishing touches on the adventure, Ruth with senstive skin is investigating alternate ways (to covering yourself with rash inducing chemical compounds) of keeping nasties sush as disease bearing mosquitos at bay. More cycle rides have been added to the plans, the latest (which will now be our first ride) is over the Golden Gate Bridge. We are scheduling in work farewells and final catch-ups with family so that we cover all in the reamining weeks plus organising moving out of our rental accommodation in Auckland and moving what belongings we want to take North to Kerikeri.

Today was spent with a morning of getting my mouth rearranged at the dentist, the afternoon getting additional needles in the first of a further three week series of vaccinations to cover our wanderings in South East Asia. After both events I did wonder if we had just suffered our first incidence of travel theft, a lot of money seemed to have disappeared.

The much hyped “training” referred to back in January has been a “pipe dream”. Our jobs have kept us much busier than we had hoped, the evenings have grown short far too quickly (blah, blah, blah), and there are any number of other excuses why we have not biked 20km every evening.

There will always be an excuse so it is time to take that detour, no excuses.

Travel Vaccinations
The list of possible vaccinations was long, the prices eye watering. However, like travel insurance, probably all sensible options if you value your life.


  1. You got off easy on the cost of vaccinations. Be grateful you live in NZ and not the US. As for bike training – two weeks of intense cycling as the trip begins will put you in great shape. Of course, there will be pain in your posteriors. (Joe says) Use wine by mouth as an analgesic. We’re looking forward to hearing your tales!


  2. Cliff – I definitely agree that you and Ruth are making the right decision to take a “detour”. Life is way too short to spend it all working and trying to save. I love your Detours stories, pictures and travelogues. Skip and I rode across the Golden Gate bridge a couple of times – probably about 10 years ago. Great ride! I tried to get my granddaughter to do it a few years ago when I took her out there for a holiday but she thought it was too much work! I figured if I could do it, a 20 year old should be able to do it!
    Let me know when you move.


    1. Hi Teri – we leave on 20 June and get back to NZ 5 December. We will be living at our new location then. Pleased you enjoy the posts, hopefully there will be a few more soon.


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