Being a “visitor” to your own city: Auckland

The daily commute into Auckland takes in some pretty special views of the city as the bus hurtles or stutters down the northern motorway into the city. Mostly I am oblivious to it, immersed in catching up with emails, reading or just staring blankly out the window.

Auckland Harbour Bridge
Walking under it made a change from the daily drive over it.

We decided it was time to change that and visit the city as “strangers”, take time to look at what is normally just background to our daily life.

Westhaven Marina
The city looks compact when viewing it across Westhaven Marina


The good part about visiting your own town is that you can pick the weather. By Thursday we could see that the weekend was looking good so we set out early Saturday on our local adventure.

Westhave Walkway
A carved seat on the new Westhaven walkway 

It was great, we actually felt like we were away, we walked as we would when visiting other places and because we did not have the usual purpose behind our local outings, it was fun, even though it was hot and a lot walking was done.

We need to do this more often.

Boat storage
A dry stack for boats, when you need it the fork lift retrieves it and drops it into the water at the entrance. No wet feet or salty car.


At the Viaduct boats moor in front of the apartments.
At the Viaduct boats moor in front of the apartments.






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