Back Camping

Hahei is a beautiful spot but the to the kids it was just a far away playground
Hahei is a beautiful spot but the to the kids it was just a far away playground

Yes, we traded the boat for a tent and we have been having our first camping experience for many years and with two of the grand children to boot.

Some may say “tigers for punishment”, others would question our sanity, both are very valid comments on our judgement.

However, the two boys (5 & 7) have been pretty good, the bikes that came along have been great and we all forget what fun camping and messing about at the beach can be when you are young and your imagination’s are vivid. Oh to be that age again.

For us, the transition back to camping was not so bad, our packing list for a weekend was a little on the spartan side but we got by. After four weeks of hot sunny weather, it went a little AWOL, but again, it was ok, we got reminded of what it was like to pack up in the rain, the kids amused themselves on the bikes and the stop off at the hot springs on the way home felt more sensible under overcast skies than it would in blazing sun.

Will there be more camping in store? Certainly, throw our own bikes on the car, the walking shoes in the bag and we should have a lot of fun again.

Without the camp alarm clock (picture below), we may even fit in a sleep in and a book.


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