Luna Park was not where we were headed by bus

Melbourne: An interesting train ride

We were in Melbourne for the weekend, family visit but more on that in another post, used our first airbnb, maybe more on that in another post. But it was a train ride across the city that provided one of the highlights of the weekend. What started out as a routine trip took an interesting turn as an announcement was made that, “due to repair work on the track, we would need to transfer to a bus for the remainder of the journey”.

The train stopped, we were told to leave and catch the bus. Got to the bus where a scrum of well dressed gents, all with high visibility vests with “customer support” written on them, did their best to ignore the approaching crowd. One ventured forth to advise that the (train) line was working again, this did not go down too well with the ejected mass from the now stationery train.

He sauntered off to return shortly and advise that we could get on the bus. He failed to add, “but it is not going any where soon”.

The customer support crew (who were doing little customer supporting) then formed a scrum, a strategy session I presumed was what was happening, they all looked confused, puzzled as to what to do with customers. This went on for some time before a volunteer emerged from the maul and tentatively approached the bus. “Um, I am going to drive the bus but you may need to help me as I don’t know where the stations are”.

Now one resourceful lady who was decked out in track suit with hockey gear seized the opportunity to get door to door drop off. The hopelessly lost driver was only to happy to have someone show him the way. Once at the sports center (with no nearby train station in view) she skipped off, the bus advanced to a dead end and after some tricky manoeuvrings we moved on to new lost territory.

A gent with a bike (I suspected he wished that he had continued to ride it rather than the train/lost bus) ventured forth with bike and Google maps to direct the driver to a stop which by this time was acceptable to most passengers who had concerns about ending up at Uluru or Cairns rather than somewhere in North Melbourne. There was a little dissent ion when the bus took a left turn and many others thought it should have been a right turn, even Ruth (who is the queen of lost) felt confident to offer directions by this stage. The railway line came into view (with train happily running along the rails – uh) the command stop! was yelled in unison and we all disembarked.

We usually get lost on our own but allowing someone else to get you lost makes it even more interesting (and entertaining).

Luna Park was not where we were headed by bus
I walked to St Kilda after the experience of the previous day.

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  1. This was hilarious – but maybe not so at the time. Anyway, your pain was our enjoyment! Thanks for this great post! (Now we’re looking forward to hearing about the alluded family visit and AirBnB stay.)


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