Off the bikes and into our winter gear

We finished the last days biking in 37c temperatures. Too hot to peddle let alone up to hilltop villages.

It was the big bike on the last day so we made an early start to get as many km on the board as we could before the expected heat kicked in.

The bike seemed hard to peddle, maybe it took a knock in Le Crash. Looked down and could see that the tyre lacked air. After spending a little time trying to figure out how the pump worked we had what every central banker fears, inflation. But deflation set in quickly and the prognosis was upgraded to puncture. So the early start quickly evaporated into a late start as the rear wheel came off and the tube was replaced.

Now some of you sceptics may be yelling out Ruth’s name, pointing at her and imagining a slasher in her hands. While I did briefly see a look of relief wash across her face, she helped with the repair work thus absolving herself from any suggestion of fowl play. However, by the end of a tough day, I suspect any notions of slashing had moved from tyres to the team leader.I was saved by it being the last day but was told that she id not want to see another bike for a long time. I am sure it was just a little babbling resulting from the dehydration and heat exhaustion.

After our marathon train journey from L’Isle to London, we were greeted with similar weather. Ruth was doubting my previous summary of UK weather but I had seen the forecast and alas after one day, the skies turned watery and the temperature fell. The temperature has kept falling to the extent that for a week we have been wrapped up in winter clothes, the tan is fading and I am looking forward to getting back to warmer temperatures in NZ or hopefully even better, at least in Italy.

We picked up Anna in Paris and I am sure she thinks all of my previous posts related to the weather were pure fabrication.

However, there is always an upside, our clothes were thoroughly washed in the Paris rain and the gear that I was debating about including in my packing has been worth its weight in gold.

Lucerne has been a pleasant change from the cities, the rain and air have been a bit colder here. We can only imagine how high the mountains are with no doubt more above the cloud than we can see. You also actually feel like eating hot food such as fondu and the heaters are great for drying clothes.

Still having fun and today we head off to Italy and hopefully we will again find the sun on the other side of the Alps.


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