Le Burgundy Stage – Cycling in France

We are well rested after two days out of the saddle.

Monday involved travel from Koblenz on the Rhine to Dijon in France. After being led to believe that Deutsch Bahn trains were always on time, we spent some anxious moments wondering if we were going to make our connection at Basel in Switzerland. The train was scheduled to arrive in Basel at 1:35pm and our ongoing TGV train to Dijon was due to leave at 2:34lm. At 2:00pm we were still trundling through the countryside and I was rapidly working out plan B options. I asked Ruth how fast she could run in her slip ons, she said where do we have to run too, my problem was that I had no idea. had a train number but no platform.

I knew that Basel was split into three countries but had no idea if TGV was located at the other end of tHe station to DB or SSB.

We were sitting next to a nice German couple (well they had flogged our window seats) who offered us part of their 40 course banquet they had taken for their trip. the problem was that they did not spreken our lingo so we had no idea what the train announcements were. Cut a long story short, train arrived, we pushed past everyone else, up the escalator, looked down the station, of sh… so many platforms, so little time. Saw a departures board, saw Dijon, and went for it. Ruth was so impressed she appointed me expedition leader for life. The Moselkem fiasco was forgotten with that one stroke of navigational brilliance

The TGV ride was fast (top speed 320kmph), Dijon is interesting, Ruth is turning into a gourmet, two meals she has selected very interesting local specialty dishes and at this rate she will soon be downing snails and frogs legs like a German drinking pilsener. However, the comments do suggest a tiny bit of regret at those choices.

We now have the riding instructions for the next 7 days. This may well be my last post and my new role as expedition leader for life looks like a noose around my neck. Ruth has made no suggestion that she wants to change nationality to French but after studying the notes she may have little choice.

Despite the misgivings on ever finding our way out of Burgundy, we are pumped. we feel that the saddles will meet their match thus week. We are studying the wine tasting booklet with fervour, we know the difference between grand crus and premier crus, Ruth has been downing chablis like water and it is game on.

As an aside we are staying in a very interesting establishment tonight. Dates back to the 17th century and appears to be stuck in that time zone. Ruth wonders if there are any house ghosts, if there are, I might check out if they have any bag packing tips because each day I struggle to get the gear into our suitcases.

Au reviour, hopefully there will be more updates.





  1. You are drinking Europe dry! Great posts – glad to hear the derrière’s aren’t suffering too much – bonne chance for the next stage of the tour.


    1. The drinking it dry is a myth, can’t drink and pedal and seeing Ruth actually down a wine is unusual. But certainly plenty of temptation which has tended to get the better of me.


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