Twin coast cycle trail

What is happening with the Twin Coast bike trail in Northland?

Twin coast cycle trail
Okaihau to 7km south of Kaikohe is the only section of track you can ride despite the whole track being scheduled for completion in Dec21012

We rode part of the Twin Coast Cycle Trail – Pou Herenga Tai recently, in fact we have ridden the same and only open section twice.

It is a pleasant ride from Okaihau to Kaikohe, you can peddle about 7 km beyond Kaikohe, but I do wonder what has happened to the rest of the trail.

Apparently scheduled to open December 2012, when you get to the end of the line south of Kaikohe or at Okaihau, it looks far from finished.

The official cycle trails website simply tells us that it is 30% complete but should have opened at the end of last year.

It is a shame as this would be a great addition to the tourism scene in that area. I wonder how many locals who have built business hopes around the trail are feeling a little more than frustrated.

Let’s hope the delays are not permanent.

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