Cycling in the city

We have been in Auckland for the last three weeks and today I had the opportunity to take the F19 for a spin along a few of the new cycleways that have appeared since we left in 2015.

It does not get much better than this. As I ambled back to downtown I passed an electronic meter that told me that there have been 244,000 trips along the path this year.

My 25km ride took me from our base in Karangahape Rd down to the waterfront and then around the bays to St Heliers.

The dedicated cycle ways were fantastic, the split cycle/pedestrian paths were challenging and in the end I felt safer mixing it up with cars on the road than trying to deal with walkers who could not read signs, motorised skate boards, slow cyclists and a poor surface.

Heading up Nelson St
Even had our own button for crossing patrolled intersections.

On the ride back to town the road was a much better option with a good cycle lane for most of the route.

Finished the ride with a ride along this dazzling stretch of pathway a caption

I was envious of the infrastructure and even the drivers seemed more aware of cyclists.

Riding in the city felt safer than riding in Kerikeri.


    1. Yes – I have taken Ruth along some of the CBD streets on our bikes, sections without bike lanes and that was ok as well. Slower traffic that has learned to be mindful of cyclists. Another learned behaviour lacking at home.

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