Signing off in Kiwiland

We have been back in New Zealand for just over a week. There are several things that we have learned on our return:

  • Cars do not like being left unattended for six months, the battery dies and masses of spiders take up residence on the exterior and under the engine hood.
  • Your house and garden will deteriorate very quickly in the absences of human intervention.
  • You can knock everything back into shape quickly, provided you don’t mind a little exhaustion and are prepared to spend a little money.
  • Many things we were lucky enough to avoid during our travels were apparently stalking us and  several have now caught up with us.
  • I need to get over my need for a specialist camera*
  • We have taken things for granted, New Zealand has never looked so good and so far away from the rest of the World.

    Back in our little house, bags and bodies still (just) intact

It has been a busy week but we have still managed to keep our daily exercise going, even managed to get a walk along a previously unexplored part of the Bay of Islands. I have dusted off a guide to local walks as we  intend to discover as much of our (new) local area as we can over the remainder of our perpetual summer that started back in June.

The clouds looked threatening but no rain fell. as we wandered through the Mangroves near Waitangi

We are heading back to Auckland for a few days to catch up with family and friends that we have not seen for some time and to share a little pre Christmas cheer with them and, of course, Ruth can continue to distribute the “booty” that she spent so much time acquiring during our travels.

*My “new” camera that I picked up in Amsterdam (to replace the one that chose an early opt-out of the trip) decided to no longer function once back in NZ. I guess I should be thankful that it held out as long as it did. I admit to looking longingly at Ruth’s iPhone6 plus which not only delivered quality images and video but also carried out so many other tasks on the trip. In hindsight it was all the technology we needed to take with us.

We are signing off from our regular posts, there may be the odd update if we do something noteworthy but in the meantime, we wish you all a great festive season and a healthy and/or adventurous 2016.


  1. Welcome home after your fantastic trip. We have so enjoying following your travels (enviously) and reading all about your adventures.
    We wish you both a very happy Christmas and lots more (local) adventures in 2016. If we ever come to NZ again we will look you up.

    All the best
    Carol and John


  2. Home! It must have been a sweet moment to walk in and plunk down on the couch. What a challenge to get everything back into shape though. Besides great photos, the iPhone is great for tracking our steps each day on an app built in that appears on the desktop (which we learned only recently). Joe takes great photos with his iPhone but Beth like the Sony RX100-2 better.

    Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll hope to see you on a future trip!


    1. Everything is now under control and we are off to Whangaparaoa for the next five days to stay with Ruth’s mum.

      We also use the exercise app in the iPhone, We were not sure how accurate it was as some of the distances we clocked up while away seemed very high. However, we decided that when you are just wandering and absorbing your surroundings, you are less aware of distance.

      With my X30 having gone in for repairs I have dusted off the Sony Alpha 100, it feels like a big brute compared to the X30.

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