Netherlands: Out of the attic and into a boat

We are taking that really scary step of being without WIFI for the next week as we leave our interesting Attic accommodation in Amsterdam and board a river boat which will serve as our overnight accommodation while we bike through to Bruges in Belgium.

 There is one signifcant test that I need to pass before we do that, I have to get our bags down three flights of suicidal steps from our current little attiv in one of those cute Amsterdam houses you see pictures of. The tread is narrow and to simply walk down normally you need to have both hands on the handrail. If there are no further updates you can take it that I failed. 

This could be the stairway to heaven if I don’t control the bags tomorrow
 As we found in San Francisco, staying at the airbnb puts us in amongst the locals and it becomes a signifcant part of the experience rather than just somewhere to park your head. Our inital air deprived impressions of the attic were not great but it has grown on us and we have enjoyed it’s difference.


A never ending supply of chocolate box photos
Amerstdam has been a really enjoyable stopover en route to our cycling and has been aded to Ruth’s favourites list. As in Venice our offline maps on the phone have had a very good work out and no doubt there will be more of that as we get onto the bikes again.



  1. First of all, please be careful getting the bags down those incredible steep stairs. I will be relieved to learn that you survived! Secondly, we arrive in Amsterdam on the 10th of July for three days of exploring. Did you find any hidden treasures, must see sites, or fab eating places you would recommend?


    1. The city is full of eating places so you should not have any problems finding something. In terms of hidden jems, we spent a lot of time wandering along the canals, the Jordaan area in the northwest of the central city area was our favourite, very pretty, lots of interesting places and, if you are an earlier riser, you will have it to yourselves. All of the central city area is very pretty, but the main areas are pretty crowded, it becomes more enjoyable the further you get away from the area around the Central Railway Station. We have really enjoyed our stay here. Happy travels.

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  2. love the photos, yes airbnb is what we do so it is very local, and its nice to meet others.
    thanks for sharing we us, its great to follow your travels,. I’m following another friend through Paris.
    Haaaaa one day may get back, nothing like travel, nothing like home.
    love and love steph xxxx


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