Joe and Beth Vok

Slow travel their way

Joe and Beth Vok
Joe and Beth Volk – simpletravelourway

We recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Beth and Joe of simpletravelourway enjoying a long weekend with them while they were on the New Zealand leg of their 22 month trip.

They are travellers as opposed to tourists, finding a location and staying there for long enough to really get to know the local environment and probably even feel a bit like a local.

When we met them they were half way through their travels and seemed to be enjoying every moment as much as when they first hit the road. No sign of travel fatigue or burnout and eager to enjoy every moment of their adventure.

I strongly recommend that those who are thinking of spending some time on the move, take some time out and catch up on Joe and Beth’s style of travel.

Hope to catch up with you both in some part of the World one day but in the meantime keep those posts rolling.


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